We are the official B2B branch of the company Data Tower kft. and its distributor of OSINT solutions called Lampyre.

As technology transforms the industry and makes significant changes in people’s lives, we develop our business as a global provider of IT services.

What is Lampyre?

We offer the following set of solutions for OSINT and data analysis:

  1. Lampyre Desktop app
  2. Online Data lookup
  3. Lighthouse API

Lampyre for Desktop is a powerful application for data collection, analysis and visualization. It offers the following features:

  • online and offline operation modes
  • customizable online data lookup with over 60 input types and over 230 search methods
  • importing custom datasets in .txt, .csv or Excel formats
  • visualization as a table, graph or GIS map
  • data sorting and filtering, including Boolean operators and a timeline
  • report designer
  • exporting the results separately or as an entire investigation

Online Data lookup is basically a search box that supports several types of input parameters, such as email address, phone number, IP address, domain, image and more. A search returns related information available on public sources. Data Lookup can be accessed online from any device with an Internet browser and access to the Internet.

Lighthouse API is designed to connect your own software to our Data Lookup services.

Jan Lustrek

Sales Manager , Key Account Manager, OSINT Product Consultant

Vesna Lustrek

General Manager, SNTT.


We provide access to a SAAS platform for solving analytical problems in various fields.

We cooperate with the enterprise market, public sector and are always open to working with new customers:

  • Get and export data on any device.
  • Just sign up for a business subscription to access the fastest and most convenient data analysis service.



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